Wind Turbine Maintenance

Optimal performance of wind turbines relies on regular, scheduled maintenance.

Our team of experienced service technicians can cater to all wind turbine servicing requirements including:

  • One-off wind turbine servicing
  • Ongoing on-site preventative wind turbine maintenance

Working with your onsite team

We have the proven and unique ability to work on site for several months at a time, identifying areas requiring attention, which can be actioned by the onsite team. This approach has significantly increased productivity and resulted in cost savings for our clients.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Australian Wind Services also offers a comprehensive on-site wind farm inspection service, including:

  • Internal and external blade reviews
  • Main component inspections
  • Full turbine inspections


Each wind turbine inspection is supported with a detailed report, outlining all the findings, identifying problems and offering cost-effective solutions.